Company Incorporation Services in Ninh Thuan

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. It has a large population, a young and rapidly growing workforce, and increasingly tech-savvy consumers. With the above factors, Vietnam has become an ideal destination for multinational companies to set up businesses. In fact, Vietnam is already one of the top 10 countries in terms of foreign investment. Currently, the demand to open a company in Ninh Thuan is increasing rapidly. Facing this opportunity, Deha law has provided consulting services to establish a business in Ninh Thuan

Procedures for setting up a company in Ninh Thuan
Prepare documents according to regulations
Submit your application at the National Business Registration Portal
Get the results from the Department of Planning and Investment.
Steps to use the service of setting up a company in Ninh Thuan

Step 1: Receive customer needs

Step 2: Consult information that customers need to know

Step 3: Prepare business registration documents

Step 4: Complete the procedures with the authorities

Step 5: Deliver the results

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Consulting on setting up a business in Ninh Thuan includes:

+ Business name, regulations on corporate headquarters, business lines

+ Distinguish and choose the type of business: Limited liability company (single-member limited liability company, limited liability company with two or more members), joint-stock company, private company, partnership, individual household.

+ Charter capital and legal capital of the enterprise

+ Legal representatives, members, shareholders…

+ Charter of the enterprise

+ Issues to be done before and after establishing a business

+ Post announcement of new business establishment

Why choose Our company formation service in Ninh Thuan
+ Extensive post-registration business consulting (from accounting, digital signatures, e-invoices, opening bank accounts, consulting on the direction of advertising implementation) + Being one of the units providing the best company establishment service in Vietnam + A team of consultants specialized in business registration, have established thousands of businesses, with a full range of other types and industries together. + In addition to setting up a package company, we also provide a service package for making company registration documents (customers come to the planning department to get results). This service package is very useful for customers who want to use cheap services + Always accompanies customers, legal advice after setting up a company is completely free of charge: setting up a subsidiary, becoming a member. setting up a company branch, opening a representative office, opening a business location…

Choose a company name when establishing a company, establishing a business in Ninh Thuan

People put a lot of heart and effort into naming the company. Some people choose according to their preferences, some people choose according to feng shui, and some people choose according to a certain metaphorical meaning. However, regardless of the intention, the mandatory conditions must still comply with the provisions of the law. Naming a company sounds simple, but this is the procedure for setting up a company that causes many individuals and organizations headaches.

Note when naming a company:

•  Type of company

As mentioned in the above section, the type of company will be Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, Partnership Company, Private Enterprise. Or you can also use the abbreviation of the type such as: limited liability company (for limited liability company), joint stock company (for joint stock company)…

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Business establishment service in Ninh Thuan

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